Geek geek dating reviews

Consumating spices it up with the features of a typical social network: host conversations, participate in contests and start meetings with others.

Consumating also features a widget you can insert on any website that streams profiles according to the requirements you define.

Create a profile oin Meetmoi and using your mobile phone receive text messages with profiles of other singles that are "near" you, based on the location you submit. Of course, there's a price to pay; although pricing varies according to cell phone carrier, it's around $.99 for 10 messages sent.So without further ado, here are my thoughts on Soul Geek: (Note: I did not pay the .99 monthly membership fee, so this review is simply based on the services available to me as a free member.I thought about paying the fee and giving Soul Geek a month in order to give the service a more thorough review, but I decided that due to lack of patience or frugality, I'd rather just write my review based on what I'd experienced before I'd given them any of my money) The site, if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about: Meet people who geek out over the same stuff as you!- Be more than a Swipe with geek-oriented profile questions that you actually care about.- Cut the awkwardness by knowing what your match is in to up front.- Tons of cool features, coming soon!