Who is ingrid dating

'On the romantic side of things, I had my first serious relationship with a woman, and I had my first breakup after my first serious relationship with a woman,' she recalls.'Those are really significant moments in my life, and I learned so much about myself.'And while it appears that Ingrid has found great happiness in her life, she admits that she still holding on to some of the resentment she feels towards those who were really 's****y' to her last year when she came out.'It sucks.'Ingrid notes that women are already treated like sexual objects not matter what their sexual identity, however, she admits that she has had some scary moments 'when there is a heterosexual man who cannot wrap his head around the face that you are gay and not interested in him'.The 20-minute video was posted on June 9 —exactly one year after she shared her coming out video — and at the start of the clip, she says that she believes 'big anniversaries like this' are worth honoring and reflecting on.

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After being asked if she has a girlfriend, Ingrid said, "Yes, I do and our relationship is something that is very special to both of us and at this point, we prefer to keep things private.'That is what is true for me right now as I sit here and speak to you, and it is really f*****g scary to talk about this because there's so many people who will judge this and that is terrifying.''Maybe a year from now I will be sitting here saying I prefer to identify as queer,' she says. Well, at least it's true in the case of the famous internet personality Hannah Hart as she has now found a new girlfriend after ending her previous relationship.Following her split with Ingrid, Hannah then found love in the form of Buzzfeed video producer Ella Mielniczenko., it seems like Hangrid shippers are going to have to wait a little bit longer because the 27-year-old just confirmed she’s in a relationship with someone new.