Microsoft synchronization services updating client database

Data synchronization is the key to allowing data to flow between clients that are connected to the Internet/network on an intermittent basis.Microsoft is planning a February 2008 release of Visual Studio 2008; it will include a new synchronization framework with support for ADO. This article will introduce you to this framework using the beta version of Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO. NET-compatible server database with a SQL Server Compact Edition (version 3.5) client database.RDA supports incremental uploads, but downloads are always a snapshot that updates all the data on the client.Sync Framework uses net change tracking, in which the last version of a row is synchronized. Sync Framework provides the flexibility of a programming model like offline datasets and a richer synchronization feature set like that found in merge replication. Merge replication provides significant functionality with configuration available through wizards, stored procedures, and its own API.Data synchronization for occasionally connected applications is no easy task.Smart Client applications represent a highly responsive, rich user interface, but they can lose something when it comes to managing the flow of information across a distributed system.What's more, SSCE v3.5 and the Sync Services API are freely distributable; you can use any relational database or other data source you want as the server.

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In client-server topologies, all clients synchronize with a central server.

In this article, you will create a sync example to "manage" the favorite items of customers.

The items list will be maintained at a server level (presumably by some item-inventory administrator).

VSM Cover Story The Microsoft Synchronization Services 1.0 API for SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition and the new Sync Designer in the Orcas March 2007 CTP team up to generate a local data cache that synchronizes incrementally and bidirectionally with SQL Server Express. NET, C#, SQL Server 2005 SP2 Network connectivity isn't ubiquitous, despite recent claims to the contrary.

Mobile information workers often end up offline for frustratingly long intervals.