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I hope to get around to making a new post on upcoming lakorns for 2017. But I'm still pretty busy with work and volunteer activities.

So I'll probably have to wait a couple of months when I'll have more time after the school year ends.

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Arrogant 내사랑 싸가지My Sassy Girl 엽기적인그녀Code Name: Jackal (kind of like a Jaejoong fan fic gone wrong He's just started appearing in dramas, so I've only seen him in Splash Splash Love, One More Happy Ending, & Entertainer, but I already really like him. Ahn Hyo Seop 안효섭 I'm studying linguistics and psychology now.

Junita, nicknamed Junior, did plastic surgery because people said her face was fat. She was sweet, but complex enough you could really identify with her. He was charming, funny, sweet and a total pain in the ass! Fun storyline and fun casting are poured into this.

Without knowing that she was allergic to chemicals, it ruined her face by causing acne everywhere. After the incident, nobody wanted to get close to her and whoever saw her would call her a ghost-face. I was able to find it translated on youtube I hope at some point Viki will add this into read more their line up for I really hope they expand soon on their collection of dramas / lakorns from Thailand.

For now, I wanted to highlight one of the bigger series this year, The Cupids, big in terms of length (8 lakorns consisting of ~5 to 10 episodes), but also this series features big stars (Boy Pakorn, Toey Jarinporn, Chompoo Araya, Ken Theeradeth, Cheer Thikumporn) and has been in planning for a while now so it has attracted a lot of attention.

You can look up other series I've focused on, like the U-Prince series here and an overview on various series can be found here.