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Although on the older cars (read '60's and '70's) I did learn quite a bit about rebuilding an engine. Plus, I live in an apartment, so I would have to do this on the city parking lots. Patrick, There are just a couple electrical connection left on the rear of the upper manifold that aren't taken off so that's why it's still attached.

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I’d expect them to last the 20-30K miles you usually get out of the 5992’s zpid=29181 -7/ea NGK 93026 (DILKAR8A8) 2 steps colder than stock. Recommended for 700hp These are the stock plugs in the GTR R35 .The GTR guys are running them in the1000AWHP-sub range with E85.Spark plugs: NGK 95770 (ILZKBR7B8DG) formally 5992’s 1 Step colder than stock. By the information I received on them when compared to NGK.Recommended for FBO I ran these for a few thousand miles both with E40 meth and full E85.