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The dialogue between this "grandma" and her grand-daughter...So Lily Was good enough - as good as the script let her be.I agree that the above mentioned entities are not responsible for my actions if I enter the site illegally, if I lie about my age, if I ignore the terms outlined in this agreement.By entering I agree that adult content does not offend me and that I am a legal consenting adult as well as within all legal rights to view the content and site.Except it's not your average, run-of-the-mill birthday cake, as she starts the video by declaring, "Today I'm going to attempt a f*cking miracle: a damn cake with no eggs, no flour, and no butter." That's right — Peggy was on a mission to make a vegan and gluten-free cake to suit her grandson's "trendy diet." While concocting the cake, the comedic grandma shared some of the ingredients, such as vanilla, xanthan gum, and "just a little bit of brown sugar — not too much." But the key ingredient in the cake batter? "Nothing says love like your granny baking you a fine-ass birthday cake," she says. That's f*cking delicious." Watch her video above, and prepare to get your daily (or weekly) dose of giggles.

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What a sad state of affairs about a bitter old godless lesbian, her hateful bitter daughter, her confused pregnant granddaughter, her estranged new lesbian girlfriend, and their angry foul sentiments... Were they al to have a grandma like Elle, our world would be so bright, we would have to wear sunglasses indoors. This movie breezes along and brings a fresh perspective on the interaction between generations with an amazing performance by Lily Tomlin.