Playstation 3 not updating games

In August, Sony made its PS Now service compatible with Windows PCs, essentially turning people’s home computers or laptops into legacy Play Station consoles.The new update will make it possible for subscribers of the PS Now service to play PS4 games across their computers and Play Station 4 devices.For details on what has changed please see below: General:· Fix voice chat quality when using wireless headsets· Fix framerate dropping considerably after several hours of play· Fix timer and progress bar for Daily Challenges· Shadownet: Fix tracking of Shocking Kos Ghost challenge· Fix misc issues with Gone Dark challenges· Fix misc issues with guards shooting sticky camera and not engaging search behavior CO-OP:· Fix getting stuck in unresponsive state when accepting an invite to a Spies vs Mercs match during a CO-OP host migration· Fix animation glitch when sliding down a ladder and immediately throwing a grenade· Fix mission preview image not updating when cycling through different missions in the settings Spies vs Mercs:· Extraction: Fix Intel stuck on weapon when a client is dropping it twice in a row· Extraction: Fix potential exploit where an ammo box placed in front of the Intel drop crate would allow to skip the “securing the intel” animation· Fix Drone Hunter points not awarded when blowing up the drone with certain gadgets· Fix waypoint staying red when Pandora settings are ON and a hacker has been killed· Fix accessing an empty when menu when trying to view the Customization Screen or match Settings right when the countdown reaches 0· Fix general host migration issues· Fix rare cases of Spies falling out of maps· Fix spawning with no weapon and unable to shoot when pushing the stick forward during the character selection screen until the match starts ADV Improvements done with this patch · Money and experience are now automatically saved when the game ends due to host migration · The host’s team is no longer guaranteed to play as Mercs first.The team will be randomly chosen to start as either Spies or Mercs.· Removed Exit Match option during mid-match menus and halftime report.· Made maps-specific changes to prevent spawn-killing in general and spawn-killing by drones specifically.Shipments in US terminated Oct 2016, while Asia has terminated at the same timing as Japan."PS3 launched over 10 years ago in November 2006, with state of the art technologies including a high capacity Blu-ray drive and pre-installed HDD.With the performance to deliver entirely new visual experiences, PS3 also provided users worldwide, with a unique network service and access to online games and digital content downloads."SIE’s vision to deliver the best entertainment experience to consumers has not changed and with more and more users shifting to PS4, and with Play Station Now available in countries including North America, UK, Japan, Belgium and Netherlands, allowing users to easily enjoy PS3 games on their PS4 and PC (PC available in Japan at a later timing), we have decided to terminate the shipment of PS3.They are still a viable platform for consuming media and even for playing games.The back catalog of great games is rather large and the ability to play more PSOne classics or PS2-era games via backward compatibility is much appreciated, though that's coming to the PS4 slowly but surely.

Every time it reaches 99%, it gets stuck and I get this error number: 80710723Some people said try wired connection, changing DNS, allowing PS3 through DMZ, opening specific ports, restoring default settings, rebuilding database etc. It's not my connection, I took my PS3 to my cousin's house, tried it there same results, but when I tried downloading the update from his PS3, it worked just like normal..

UPDATE ONE: Sony have now clarified the situation surrounding the end of the PS3 production in Japan.

A statement from Play Station confirms that PS3 shipments in Europe terminated March 2016.

It is, however, nice to see Sony take the time to address any latent issues in the older console because it likely still sells for them now that they're profitable to manufacture for them.

The Play Station 2 lived on well after the PS3 was released in the guise of a smaller device, which sold well in Japan and in the west.

Playstation 3 not updating games